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Loand and Debt Restructure

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01 August 2014
'Purple pound should attract firms'
Smarter businesses could reduce the extra living costs faced by disabled people, the head of a new commission says.
01 August 2014
Switching broadband is 'too costly'
Tens of thousands of broadband customers in the UK are having to pay "costly" charges to change supplier, Citizens Advice warns.
01 August 2014
Leaseholders 'should get' new rights
Millions of leaseholders who are unhappy with their property managers should be given new rights, an official inquiry is suggesting.
31 July 2014
Warm weather hits British Gas profit
British Gas and owner Centrica report a sharp drop in profits for the first half of the year due to warmer weather.
31 July 2014
House price growth moderates in July
The growth in house prices is starting to moderate, according to the UK's biggest building society, the Nationwide.
31 July 2014
Lloyds profits hit by PPI charges
Profit at Lloyds Banking Group falls after it is hit by PPI mis-selling charges and a Libor rate-rigging settlement.
30 July 2014
Energy firms to 'double' margins
The big six energy firms are set to double their profit margins over the next year, according to estimates by the regulator, Ofgem.
30 July 2014
HSBC closes some Muslims' accounts
HSBC bank writes to Finsbury Park Mosque and other Muslim organisations around the UK giving them notice their accounts will be closed.
29 July 2014
Personal insolvencies in sudden jump
There has been a sudden jump in the number of individuals becoming insolvent, in the steepest rise since 2010, according to government figures.
29 July 2014
Mortgage approvals back on the rise
The number of people taking out mortgages is back on the rise, according to figures from the Bank of England.
29 July 2014
New student loan model discussed
Ministers and officials have been considering an idea that could bring major changes to England's student loan system, BBC Newsnight learns.
28 July 2014
House price growth 'starts to slow'
Seven out of 10 regions of England and Wales recorded month-on-month falls in house prices in June, according to the Land Registry.
28 July 2014
'Community banks' to avert debt trap
The best credit unions should be empowered to offer short-term loans that are cheaper than those offered by payday lenders, according to a report from a think tank.
28 July 2014
Rise in younger fraudsters says KPMG
Frauds committed by those aged 26-35 rise 285% in the first half of the year, to just over £62m, according to research by accountants KPMG.
28 July 2014
RAC urges parking funds transparency
Councils should show where they are spending the money they raise on parking fees as motorists see higher charges, says the RAC.
25 July 2014
Disabled face 'living costs penalty'
People with disabilities face a "premium" of £550 a month owing to extra transport, insurance and living costs, a charity has claimed, prompting a commission to be launched.
03 June 2014
Same street, different property market
Two properties on Hazelwood Road give an indication of the regional variations in the UK property market.
05 June 2014
Housing demand strong, says Halifax
Demand in the housing market is still strong and price rises are accelerating, according to the Halifax, the UK's largest mortgage lender.
09 June 2014
New Green Deal is 'very generous'
The second round of the government's Green Deal energy saving programme for homeowners opens on Monday.
04 June 2014
What is a collective pension scheme?
The government is legislating for new "collective" pension schemes. How do they work, and can they really promise a better pension?
05 December 2013
Analysis: Old age pensions
The landscape of the state pension system continues to change as some people will have to work even longer before receiving their entitlement.
20 March 2014
What now for retirement income?
Pension changes may still make annuities the best choice for the healthy - but what should the newly retired make of the new system?
30 May 2014
Are Premium Bonds a good bet?
The maximum sum that can be invested in Premium Bonds is rising, but what are the chances of winning a prize?
18 June 2012
How trouble in the eurozone affects you
As the eurozone "tears itself apart", the pain will be felt in the UK too. How will it affect your finances?
05 January 2011
Q&A: Are my savings safe?
What measures are in place to protect savers money in the UK?
27 March 2014
Atos work tests contract to end
The firm Atos, which assesses whether benefit claimants in Britain are fit to work, will finish its contract early following 'significant quality failures', ministers say.
29 April 2013
Benefit changes: Who will be affected?
A number of changes to benefits come into effect in April. Here, we explain who will be affected and by how much.
20 June 2014
Q&A: The benefits cap and you
How will the benefits cap and the overall welfare cap affect you?
26 June 2014
VIDEO: The North-South divide in house prices
Breakfast's Adam Parsons and Steph McGovern report on the divide in property prices between the north and south of the UK
21 June 2014
VIDEO: Gift 'experience' small print warning
Consumer groups warn people to check the small print when buying a "experience" as a gift
17 June 2014
VIDEO: Inside world's biggest cash factory
BBC Breakfast's Steph McGovern gains access into the world's biggest banknote factory and discovers how cash is made.
06 June 2014
VIDEO: Four items to help you keep to budget
Personal Finance reporter Kevin Peachey says four everyday items are all you need to keep on top of your household budget.
04 June 2014
VIDEO: Berners-Lee: An unlikely fraud victim
Mary Berners-Lee, the mother of the man who invented the world wide web, tells BBC Watchdog how she fell victim to courier fraud.
23 April 2014
VIDEO: Money on wheels: Banking goes mobile
UK banks are expanding their use of mobile branches. Brian Milligan reports on the new banks on wheels.
01 August 2014
Does your house make more than you?
Find out if your house makes more money than you do
25 July 2014
Buyers' peril from rising house prices
Rising house prices left me high and dry - twice!
18 July 2014
Planning a wedding on a budget
Tie the knot without tying up your money
11 July 2014
The costs and benefits of self-publishing
Why publishing your own novel might not come cheap
04 July 2014
Paying the price for an allergy
Why are some hay fever products sold at different prices?
04 July 2014
Kenya's mobile money revolution
New mobile banking service takes on dominant M-Pesa
30 June 2014
Could flexible working for all backfire?
Could the new rules for all backfire?
27 June 2014
PPI claims: Behind the scenes at the ombudsman
Behind the scenes at the Financial Ombudsman
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