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Latest News

17 April 2014
UK housing market 'shows resilience'
The "resilient" UK housing market recorded another increase in mortgage lending in March, according to a lenders' group.
17 April 2014
Pensioners could get death estimate
Retirees could be told how long they are likely to live after stopping work, says pensions minister Steve Webb.
17 April 2014
Lamb takeaways 'often another meat'
Takeaway owners are to face a new testing programme, after a watchdog found nearly a third of lamb takeaways it checked contained a different meat.
16 April 2014
New teachers 'can't risk mortgages'
A teaching union leader says young teachers are shying away from taking out mortgages because of uncertainty over their future earnings.
16 April 2014
Wage rises catch up with inflation
After nearly six years of falling real wages, rises in weekly earnings have finally caught up with inflation, according to the Office for National Statistics.
16 April 2014
'Shocking' rise in use of food banks
Hundreds of thousands more people are turning to food banks to stop themselves from going hungry, says charity the Trussell Trust.
15 April 2014
House prices continue to accelerate
The rate at which UK house prices are rising has continued to increase, official figures show, with prices up 9.1% in the year to February.
14 April 2014
Families on 'financial knife-edge'
Almost 4m families have enough money to pay their rent or mortgage for only a month, if made jobless, housing charity Shelter says.
14 April 2014
Graduate starting pay 'falling'
Starting salaries for graduate jobs, even in the best-paid fields of medicine and dentistry, have fallen 11% in five years, research suggests
14 April 2014
'Almost 85,000' Scots on zero-hours
As many as 85,000 people in Scotland could be employed on zero-hours contracts, according to the Scottish Trades Union Council.
12 April 2014
Botched DIY 'doubles building bill'
The cost of home improvements could double if professional builders have to solve botched DIY jobs first, a building expert warns.
11 April 2014
Bank account switches top 600,000
More than 600,000 people change their current accounts in the first six months of a scheme designed to make switching banks easier.
08 April 2014
North-South divide in mortgage risk
A quarter of all the outstanding mortgage debt in Britain is owed on London properties, but an academic says these householders are less vulnerable to interest rate rises.
04 April 2014
House prices accelerate says Halifax
House price inflation has increased once again, according to figures from the UK's biggest mortgage lender.
28 March 2014
Benefit change 'sees 6% move home'
About 6% of social housing tenants in Britain affected by changes to benefits partly designed to cut under-occupancy have moved home, BBC research suggests.
21 March 2014
Ten hidden consequences of the pension overhaul
A huge change in the way people fund their retirement is likely to occur owing to the chancellor's plans for pensions, but what are the hidden consequences?
05 December 2013
Analysis: Old age pensions
The landscape of the state pension system continues to change as some people will have to work even longer before receiving their entitlement.
20 March 2014
What now for retirement income?
Pension changes may still make annuities the best choice for the healthy - but what should the newly retired make of the new system?
29 March 2014
How to double returns with a P2P ISA
Savers could double their returns with the new Peer-to-Peer ISAs, announced by George Osborne in the 2014 budget.
18 June 2012
How trouble in the eurozone affects you
As the eurozone "tears itself apart", the pain will be felt in the UK too. How will it affect your finances?
05 January 2011
Q&A: Are my savings safe?
What measures are in place to protect savers money in the UK?
27 March 2014
Atos work tests contract to end
The firm Atos, which assesses whether benefit claimants in Britain are fit to work, will finish its contract early following 'significant quality failures', ministers say.
29 April 2013
Benefit changes: Who will be affected?
A number of changes to benefits come into effect in April. Here, we explain who will be affected and by how much.
15 July 2013
Q&A: The benefits cap and you
How will the benefits cap affect you?
26 March 2014
VIDEO: How to manage money at university
Student Reporters investigate how students manage their money at Greenwich University and speak to Martin Lewis about student finances.
25 March 2014
AUDIO: Food inflation expected to hit 3.8%
Food inflation is expected to hit 3.8% before the end of 2014, according to a report.
27 March 2014
VIDEO: Pension expert explains changes
As the first changes to pensions, announced in the Budget, come into force, BBC News hears from a pensions expert.
24 March 2014
VIDEO: Should parents give formal loans?
Many parents help their children buy their first property but most do not have a formal arrangement in place.
26 March 2014
AUDIO: SSE price freeze 'will lower profits'
Alistair Phillips-Davies, chief executive of SSE, discusses the energy supplier's decision to freeze domestic gas and electricity prices at their current levels until 2016.
26 March 2014
AUDIO: 'Long term cost' to SSE price freeze
Dale Vince, CEO of green energy supplier Ecotricity, says SSE's price freeze is "a short term measure at a long term cost".
10 April 2014
What's lurking inside the Bank of England's vaults?
What's lurking inside the Bank of England's vaults?
10 April 2014
On the benefits cap front line
Panorama meets the families living with welfare reform
06 April 2014
Quiz of the new tax year
Test yourself on the new changes, with our taxing questions
08 April 2014
House buying: estate agents' tips
Estate agents' top 10 tips for buying a home
04 April 2014
Why does my phone think it's abroad?
Data roaming in Dorset
01 April 2014
No joke: Real changes on 1 April
How changes on 1 April could cost you more
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